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About us

The Bihar Vikas Vidyalaya

The School was established on the auspicious day of 3rd January 2011 by the enlightment of the present SDPO of Gopalganj. It is in the heart of Gopalganj.
The aim of the management body was to encourage the growing children of remote area towards quality education. Unlimited enthusiasm, efficiency and refusal to defeat have nurtured in the from of good virtues of the wards of that small place. The pious innovation of a branch leads limitless publicity & deference by the mass.

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School: Countenance

This school was founded on auspicious day of 2 April 2011 inaugurated by the present D.M. of District. This school was laid down because of highly fascinated ideology, keen ambition, selfless dedication to education of Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastava, the Director. This school has got support and love from the famous persons of society from every corner because of its practical and candid performance in the field of education.
This School is committed to provide the quality education, encourage the students and fulfill the educational desire.
We have the strong hold for the creation of steady educational Environment by incessant and dutiful efforts by the team of educated teachers.
Objective of education is to make students honest, devotee, true, tolerant, man of character, impressive, wise and gentle.


  • English Medium Co-education
  • Convent educated, trained devoted diligent & efficient teaching staff.
  • Regular Class test and formative Test.
  • Teachers and parents/guardians communion.
  • Games and sports, Acting, Dancing, music, Debate and Computer facilities & Training of Scout and guide.
  • Well furnished Library, equipped Laboratory arrangements.
  • Spacious Playground & Children Park.
  • Provision for wide range of modern co-curricular activitives.
  • Prepares Children for meeting the contemporary needs and challenges of the the Modern competitive society.
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General Instructions

  1. Guardians/Parents are requested to equip their children properly with educational materials i.e. books, stationery, bag and all of uniform.
  2. They are also requested to inform personality peculiaritios if any in their children to the class teacher and to the Principal.
  3. Guardians/Parents are not allowed to meet their wards during School hours without the permission of the Principal.
  4. In the interest of their own wards, guardians are requested to attend the Parents- Teacher meetings held on school schedule.
  5. Guardians are requested to check the home work and diary of their wards daily.
  6. Guardians are requested to read the toacher's note. This will be very helpful to the progress of their children.
  7. Guardians are requested to return test report within two days with their signatures.
  8. Guardians are requested to see that their wards reach school in time. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school.
  9. Late admission are allowed only on a very special ground after producing all required documents.
  10. The school will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of bicycle, moped, motor-cycle or any other vehicle left UNLOCKED and Insecure by the Students.
  11. Children are not allowed jewellery and carry big amount of money with them. The school does not take any responsibility for the losses by the students.
  12. Students without proper uniform will not be permitted to attend the classes.
  13. Every students will be present on the last and re-opening days aftor Summer, Winter, Vacations and long holidays.
  14. Students are requirod to bring their diary to the school daily.
  15. If a student does not appear in one or more subject in the examination (even on medical) no division or rank will be awarded.
  16. Qualifying marks for a subjects is 40%.
  17. Promotion will be considered only on the ground of total achievement in class test and examinations.
  18. Students securing 1 st, 2nd & 3rd position in their classos are rowarded by the school.
  19. Presence of all children is compulsory in the school functions and all national festivals.
  20. Medical check up of all students is held every year.
  21. Students who fail for two consecutive years in the same class will not be allowed to continue.
  22. Students who break school discipline, rules and regulations may be required to leave the school and rusticated as well.
  23. Indisciplined students will be rusticated from the school.
  24. Students should send/bring the application for his/her absence from the authorized guardians only.
  25. At the time of admission in next class students/guardian should bring the report card with him and show It at the time of depositing fee for the new class.
  26. As soon as prayers start the school gates are closed and no students is allowed to enter the School, During school hours, no student is allowed to leave the school except in an emergency after permission of Principal.
  27. Mobile Phone, Camera, Transistor and Walkman eto, are strictly prohibited. Students will not carry them iIn the school campus and If found It will be snatched and burnt in front of the students. No Excuse will be accepted.
  28. Principal has all right of admisslon, rustication and discipline.